Buckley Fence Photo

In addition to a lot of other stills and video, here is an image I took on the 26th for Buckley Fence. It’s a 3 exposure HDR photo of an Icelandic gelding horse and steel board fence in Delafield, WI for Buckley Fence. Post in Photomatix Pro and Photoshop.

Bulb/HDR Photo

My first Bulb/HDR photo.

ISO and aperture fixed at 100 and 3.5. Shutter at 6s, 20s, and 90s. Post in Photomatix Pro and Photoshop.

That streaky thingy is a plane from the 6s photo. Taken on the Milwaukee lakefront on a beautiful March night.

New Animatic

My new animatic for my film/video/print work. Seems like I’m constantly getting more and more comfortable doing sound work. Recently produced a 30 second rap song for a video (coming out in a couple months), did most of the post sound work on the short film and trailer “Everybody’s Gay,” and did sound design for my new animatic.