Photography in MicroShiner’s Latest Issue

The wonderful craft-spirit publication’s second quarterly issue is free to read on Issuu (embedded below). You can check out my photos on pages 5/6, 23/24, and the last interior pages – 97/98. I also had photos in their debut issue (also free on Issuu).

The weekend of March 16-17 I will be directing a short film called “Coulrophobia,” very excited for this project that has taken some time to come to life, but has pulled some amazing people together. During the film there is a short flashback scene that will be animated by Mark Malenius using black-and-white split-toned stills I shot earlier this month, with India ink on textured-board backgrounds. You can check some of the photo assets out on “Coulrophobia”‘s Facebook Page.

Today and yesterday I am helping set up for the Badger Regional Volleyball tournaments in Milwaukee, WI. Below you can see a documentary I directed at last year’s tourney, following a girls 18s team on their attempt to become Badger Region Champions, and tournament director Terry Paulson as he rushes to prepare the tournament and keep everything together.

Teaser Poster and MU Test for “Coulrophobia”

On March third I shot stills for a sequence that will be animated with them and illustrated backgrounds, the teaser poster, and MU/partial-costume test for “Chez” for a short film I’m directing called “Coulrophobia.”
Teaser poster:
"Coulrophobia" Teaser Poster
Visit the film on fb:
Photo/design by me
Produced by Justin Lothrop, Melanie Killingsworth
Actor Brian Rott
MUA Michael Weiss and Shannon Memmel
Costume by Lynell Kream

Nick Sommer as “Chez” MU/partial-costume test:
Nick MU Test-2
Nick MU Test
The short film is being shot on March 16 and 17 in South Milwaukee on the Red Epic.