Potowatomi Stills

Stills I took recently for someone doing a report on the Potowatomi tribe in Wisconsin, USA.
See all the stills in their Photobucket Album.

Potowatomi Executive Building:

Potowatomi Indian Statue:












Potowatomi Library/Museum/Other Stuff Ext.:

Potowatomi Library Int.:

Trailer Time!

Above is the trailer I cut for a short film, “Everybody’s Gay,” I directed/edited. Associate producer Justin Lothrop helped a lot giving me notes to get the trailer to where it is now.

“Everybody’s Gay” is a short dramedy completed late 2011.

Please visit VBuckley.com for updates on when screenings will occur.


Everybody’s Gay

Just completed a 12 minute dramedy called “Everybody’s Gay” that I directed/edited. The one-sheet poster I made is below. I may make a teaser trailer for it, though the first scene in my director reel is a scene from this short film.

The film will now be submitted to festivals. Check back here for updates on screenings.

Kinto Sol’s Skribe Stills

Been busy with tons of different things, unfortunately not always able to share them here. But I do hope to have more consistent updates in the future. Below are some quick run-and-gun stills I took of Kinto Sol’s MC Skribe, a Milwaukee-based group that have won Billboard’s Latin album of the year.
See all the stills here: Photobucket Album