People Photography

Portrait, candid, staged, and events featuring people photography.

Kids Leave Cabin
Party Boy's Natural Habitat

Beautiful Bride
Groom Looks Into the Mirror
Kid Thinking - IMG_8274-197
Come Back! - IMG_6903-15
Placing the Ring - IMG_8028-138
Cooking with Fire - IMG_8886-22

Nick Sommer
Josh Looking at Fire

Thumbs Up
Different but the Same
Haley at the Fair

Nick Boat Test Portrait Under Bridge
Party Foul

Emily Looking at Fire
Em and H

Kerri Kill
Hyden Blast

Harley Davidson 110

Nick Sommer Thrash or Die #2
Nick Sommer Thrash or Die
Nick Sommer Thrash or Die #3

CU Woman Listening in Lobby
CU Reaching Up
Exciting Discussion

Bride Prepares - IMG_7718-63
Bride Blindfolding Groom
Newlyweds Swingset - IMG_8363-229

Jumpserve at Waupaca 2014 [4871]
Swing at Waupaca 2014 [4922]

Jim Buckley Regal Vertical Headshot
Jim Buckley Horizontal Headshot

Joker Collage
Axe Murdering The Shining Girls

Zo! Interview