Stars Over MAM

Never saw as many stars downtown as I did this night.
Check out the timelapses and photos below!

Stars Over Starburst
Stars Over MAM 2
MAM Bridge
Stars Over Sculpture Park
Stars Over MAM

Moon Over Milwaukee

Some long-exposure photography last night while a bright, full-ish moon was out.

Shot a few minutes before getting yelled at (scolded might be more accurate…) by a park worker for the park being closed.
Moon Over Veterans Park

The light-streaks in the bottom right are boats.
Moon Over Juneau Statue

Wasn’t scared at all. Knew my camera would defend my honor if need be.
Creepy Trail

Waupaca Boatride 2016

Time-lapses shot while grilling, setting up camp, and drinking beer at Waupaca Boatride in Oshkosh, Wisconsin 2016. Stills at the end of the video are from the tournament in 2014.
Sunsets on Waupaca Boatride Campsite
Waupaca Boatride Campsite at Night