OnMilwaukee.com “Coulrophobia” Interview

OnMilwaukee.com interviewed myself (director), clown choreographer/actor Brian Rott, and producer Justin Lothrop about the upcoming short film we will be shooting called “Coulrophobia.” Check out the interview here.

As of this writing there are 24 hours in the Coulrophobia Kickstarter.

“Coulrophobia” stars Sam White (Hulu’s “Battleground”), Nick Sommer (Troma’s Blood Junkie), Kim Emer (experienced stage actor in her debut film role), and Brian Rott (art director/performer at The Quasimondo, Milwaukee Physical Theater).

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New “Milwaukee Blues” Photo

Snowy Cass Median V's
Above is a new photo for my “Milwaukee Blues” Photo Series.

The image is an HDR black-and-white split-toned image of a median I’ve shot before, but now with blue snow instead of sky. It’s a night scene in the heart of downtown Milwaukee, WI. The bench shadows and bird statues are both in V formation, giving the photo its title, “Snowy Cass Median V’s.”

Purchase a high-quality print: http://fineartamerica.com/featured/snowy-cass-median-vs-vincent-buckley.html

Summer photo of same place for “Milwaukee Blues” series below:
Birds of Knowledge of Good and Evil