Glimpse of Milwaukee

“Glimpse of Milwaukee” is a photo series featuring images from Milwaukee events, locations, and people from the last 5 years. See the timeplapse compilation above. Below are select images from the series. And buy photo prints here.


Downtown during Harley-Davidson 110 Year Anniversary.

Milwaukee Art Museum at Twilight.

Miller Valley.

Sunset on Sunrise
Sunset on Sunrise Food in Riverwest.

Heavenly Sunset on Volleyball
Sunset on Fat Daddy’s.

Kerri Walsh-Jennings uses the wind to get a surprising-kill in AVP finals.

Journal Communications building.

Crossing at Grant Park’s hidden beach.

Bridge to Historic Third Ward.

Red(ish) at Night
Fireworks at Veterans Park.

Festa Italiana Fireworks.

White Bridge Sunrise 2
Sunrise at McKinley Marina.

Red Lighthouse Sunrise
Sunrise at Pierhead Lighthouse.

Into the Sunset
Sunset at Pierhead Lighthouse.

North Point Lighthouse at Sunrise
Sunrise at North Point Lighthouse.

Dawn at Bradford Beach
Dawn at Bradford Beach.

Bradford Beach Sunrise
Sunrise at Bradford Beach.

Apartments at Twilight
Lakefront apartments at twilight.

Urban Park at Twilight
McKinley Marina Pond at twilight.

Kite Surfing Along Milwaukee Skyline
Kite surfer along Milwaukee skyline.

Thumbs Up at State Fair.

Best Lunch Table Ever?
Twilight at State St. and Milwaukee St.

Sunset Over Brown Deer Golf Course
Sunset over Brown Deer Golf Course.

A View of Milwaukee
A view from Reed Street Yards.

Miller Park after Brewer’s game.

Blizzard and Clock
Blizzard at Miller Pavillian.

Blizzard and Starburst
Starburst in blizzard.

Downtown median.

Frozen McKinley Marina.

Leading Diamonds to MAM
Milwaukee Art Museum at night.

Downtown at sunset from rooftop.

Popcorn truck after lakefront fireworks.

5 Card Studs at Bay View Bash
Bay View Bash.

Ducks under the moon at Lakeshore State Park.