People Photography

Portrait, candid, staged, and events featuring people photography.

Kids Leave Cabin

Beautiful Bride
Groom Looks Into the Mirror
Kid Thinking - IMG_8274-197
Come Back! - IMG_6903-15
Placing the Ring - IMG_8028-138
Cooking with Fire - IMG_8886-22

Nick Sommer
Nick at Harp Sunset

Thumbs Up
Different but the Same
Haley at the Fair

Nick Boat Test Portrait Under Bridge
Party Foul
Party Boy's Natural Habitat

Emily Looking at Fire
Em and H

Kerri Kill
Hyden Blast

Harley Davidson 110

Nick Sommer Thrash or Die #2
Nick Sommer Thrash or Die
Nick Sommer Thrash or Die #3

CU Woman Listening in Lobby
CU Reaching Up
Exciting Discussion

Bride Prepares - IMG_7718-63
Bride Blindfolding Groom
Newlyweds Swingset - IMG_8363-229

Jumpserve at Waupaca 2014 [4871]
Swing at Waupaca 2014 [4922]

Jim Buckley Regal Vertical Headshot
Jim Buckley Horizontal Headshot

Joker Collage
Axe Murdering The Shining Girls

Zo! Interview