Kids Leave Cabin
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My photography style adapts to each project. Varying from extensive lighting setups to only natural light, as well as posed and candid shoots. I use many techniques to process my images for a striking look.
Paul Dietz and Golden Horse
Red(ish) at Night

Exciting Discussion
CU Woman Listening in Lobby
CU Reaching Up

Icelandic Gelding at Sunset

Joker Collage
Axe Murdering The Shining Girls

Thumbs Up
Party Boy's Natural Habitat

Looking Up Entrance
Shovel Leaning on Horse Fence
Harley Davidson 110

Beautiful Bride
Groom Looks Into the Mirror
Bride Blindfolding Groom

Nick Sommer Thrash or Die #2
Nick Sommer Thrash or Die
Nick Sommer Thrash or Die #3