Music Videos

I have directed, photographed, and/or edited music videos for Sony, Universal, and independent artists in addition to shooting and cutting concerts and epks for tv and video. Below are select music videos I have worked on, with my credits listed.

Reasons Be “Love the Way” Director/Producer/Photographer/Editor
A timelapse rock/pop music video featuring stick-figures (actually made of sticks) and beautiful Wisconsin sunrises and sunsets:

Reasons Be “Hands Up” Director/Photographer/Editor
A chilling story-based (with some performance within the story) rock/pop music video about the changes we face when returning home. Features bandmates destroying a house, a wrecking crew demolishing it, kids, fire, crying, and throwing stuff through windows.

El Marko “Bailale, Chupale”
Director of Photography/Editor/Cam Op and Directed-Part-of
A party/performance music video for a tribal EDM artist:

El Marko “Pongo” Director of Photography/Editor
A party/performance tribal EDM music video featuring beautiful girls and an alligator. Video is finished, release TBA. Email to request private screener link.

SYP “Zona Peligrosa” Director of Photography/Editor/Cam Op
Story/performance hip hop music video with some dark imagery and a hearse:

SYP “Hay Dios Mio” Director of Photography/Editor
Performance/concept b&w hip hop music video:

Kinto Sol “Todo Tiene Su Modo” Director of Photography (B&W parts) and Editor (All)
Dramatic story/performance hip hop music video:

Kinto Sol “Arbol” Director of Photography
Dramatic story/performance hip hop music video:

Kinto Sol and Kid Frost “En Mi Lowrider” Director of Photography (B&W parts)
Performance/concept hip hop music video:

Kinto Sol “2nd de Noviembre” Editor
Dramatic story/performance hip hop music video.

Kinto Sol “Somos Mexicanos” Director of Photography/Editor
Performance/concept hip hop music video:

Music Video Treatments

Treatment Name: Satan’s Daughter in Space
Style: Script – Fantasy/Humor
Band: Yogoman Burning Band
Song: What’s There in Space?
Yogoman Burning Band “Whats There in Space” Treatment

Treatment Name: Jet-Pack Skateboarder
Style: Script – Dramatic/Fantasy
Band: Joseph Hollows
Song: Celeste
Joseph Hollows “Celeste” Treatment

Treatment Name: Musical Note People
Style: Treatment – RomCom/Fantasy
Band: Reasons Be
Song: Sweet Taste in Melody
Reasons Be “Sweet Taste in Melody” Treatment

Treatment Name: House Demolition/Return Home
Style: Script – Dramatic/Performance
Band: Reasons Be
Song: Hands Up
Reasons Be “Hands Up” Treatment

Treatment Name: The Siren, The Creature, and The Woman Chained to the Lighthouse
Style: Script – Fantasy/Performance
Band: Kat Krazy ft. Elkka
Song: Siren
Kat Krazy ft. Elkka “Siren” Treatment

Treatment Name: Bed Concert
Style: Treatment – Comedy/Performance
Band: Cash Cash
Song: Party in Your Bedroom
Cash Cash “Party in Your Bedroom” Treatment