Potowatomi Stills

Stills I took recently for someone doing a report on the Potowatomi tribe in Wisconsin, USA.
See all the stills in their Photobucket Album.

Potowatomi Executive Building:

Potowatomi Indian Statue:












Potowatomi Library/Museum/Other Stuff Ext.:

Potowatomi Library Int.:

Trailer Time!

Above is the trailer I cut for a short film, “Everybody’s Gay,” I directed/edited. Associate producer Justin Lothrop helped a lot giving me notes to get the trailer to where it is now.

“Everybody’s Gay” is a short dramedy completed late 2011.

Please visit VBuckley.com for updates on when screenings will occur.


Everybody’s Gay

Just completed a 12 minute dramedy called “Everybody’s Gay” that I directed/edited. The one-sheet poster I made is below. I may make a teaser trailer for it, though the first scene in my director reel is a scene from this short film.

The film will now be submitted to festivals. Check back here for updates on screenings.