Brat Fest

Went to Brat Fest in Madison, Wisconsin on Memorial Day weekend for a grass volleyball tournament.

Volleyball was held on a beautiful island.
Brat Fest Volleyball

Carnival area of the fest as I was leaving.
Couple at Brat Fest Carnival

Flag on crane as I was leaving Milwaukee.
Flag on Crane

Kite Surfer and First Day on the Boat

First 80 degree day in Milwaukee this year. Went boating with some friends.
Short clip of kite surfer:

Into the Sunset

A friendly kite surfer gave us a show.
Airborne Kite Surfer
Kite Surfing Along Milwaukee Skyline
Cutting in front of Boat


Milwaukee River at twilight.
Twilight River

Docking / posing?
Darth Boater

Sunset on Sunrise

Red sky, in Riverwest section of Milwaukee, after playing volleyball across the street. Hurried over to get a shot of it.
Sunset on Sunrise

Making friends.
Making Friends

Looking West down Locust Street.
Sunset Down Locust Street