Badger Region Volleyball Documentary

Below are stills from a video I directed called “Badger Region Volleyball Documentary,” which is in post. In each still is one of the main people we followed during setup, play, and take-down for the 2012 Badger Region Volleyball Championships. The “Badger Region” covers the state of Wisconsin for USA-Volleyball.
Mikaela Gunderson, Fond du Lac Fusion VBC
Erin Lehman, Fond du Lac Fusion VBC
Terry Paulson, Tournament Director

Snow Photos

New photos of a rare snowfall in mid-February 2012 during an unseasonably warm Milwaukee winter.

View the full Snow Photobucket Album. Or click the thumbnails below to view larger. And if you prefer warm weather- here are some recent Florida beach photos.

Also have a bunch of exciting new projects coming out soon and in production. Plus putting together a new dp/editor reel with a ton of new stuff, will be updating my director reel, and have a new animatic for my film/video work (which I’ll post soon)!

Caution: Swervey Snake Road 3Snowfall with Streetlight at Night 5Up Bridge
Up Snake Road at NightfallDown StairsLincoln Memorial Drive February SunsetWinter Creek
Bridge with Fallen Tree 2We Are SocietyUnder the Bridge 2

Print Page Updated

Recently added two new photos to the Print page (see them below). To see the photo album they’re from see the Photobucket Album.

“Lauren NYE 2012”

“HDR Pier Sunset”

Some of the other photos in the album:
“Venus, iPhone Star Charting App, and Eric”
Venus is just above Eric’s index finger.









“Moon and Hiding Sun”
Taken during the day with two pairs of sunglasses in front of a point-and-shoot camera so the Moon and Sun would both be visible.

“Lauren on Balcony” I and II
















“Sam and Lauren NYE 2012”