Bulb/HDR Photo

My first Bulb/HDR photo.

ISO and aperture fixed at 100 and 3.5. Shutter at 6s, 20s, and 90s. Post in Photomatix Pro and Photoshop.

That streaky thingy is a plane from the 6s photo. Taken on the Milwaukee lakefront on a beautiful March night.

Snow Photos

New photos of a rare snowfall in mid-February 2012 during an unseasonably warm Milwaukee winter.

View the full Snow Photobucket Album. Or click the thumbnails below to view larger. And if you prefer warm weather- here are some recent Florida beach photos.

Also have a bunch of exciting new projects coming out soon and in production. Plus putting together a new dp/editor reel with a ton of new stuff, will be updating my director reel, and have a new animatic for my film/video work (which I’ll post soon)!

Caution: Swervey Snake Road 3Snowfall with Streetlight at Night 5Up Bridge
Up Snake Road at NightfallDown StairsLincoln Memorial Drive February SunsetWinter Creek
Bridge with Fallen Tree 2We Are SocietyUnder the Bridge 2