Lollapalooza Evacuation

I was shooting video at Lollapalooza this past weekend, but on Saturday it was evacuated at 330pm because of weather. Photos below, including one of myself, taken during evacuation at the main entrance to Lolla (Congress at Grant Park). Also may post a short video clip of the evac later.

Lollapalooza Evacuation (tight)
Lollapalooza Evacuation (wide)
Lollapalooza Evacuation (self-portrait)

“Badger Region Volleyball Documentary” Trailer

Badger Region Volleyball Documentary Trailer from Vincent Buckley on Vimeo.

Mikaela Gunderson and the Fond du Lac Fusion 18-1 girls volleyball club and Tournament Director Terry Paulson, were followed through their experience of the Badger Region Volleyball Championships.

Directed, Produced. Photographed, and Edited by Vincent Buckley
Produced by Jen Armson-Dyer of
Co-Produced and Music by Kyle Buckley
Co-Produced and Production Audio by Jon Kline

4th of July Rubber Duck

Rubber Duck 4th of July

*Rubber ducky, you’re the one…*
Even rubber ducks are patriotic right now.

Taken during a video and photo shoot at Eco Candle Company in Appleton, Wisconsin.