My Asshole Friend is a Singer

I am currently working on a feature screenplay, though recently wrote a short drama/comedy called “My Asshole Friend is a Singer.”  This is the most recent completed piece of screenwriting I’ve done.

It was inspired by a title I randomly vomited-out of my mouth while drinking with my friends actor/singer Scotty Dickert (who is a very nice fellow!) and filmmaker Justin Lothrop.  A week later I mashed my head on the keyboard for a few hours, and viola!

Then for some unknown reason I threw together a logo for the movie while I should have been working on a gazillion other things.


Read “My Asshole Friend is a Singer” (Updated — May 1, 2011 draft)

Update This!

Check out the Screenwriter page for a bunch of new stuff (and more to come). Also, working on updating my Director Reel, but ughhh I forgot how much I love trying to get 384.9 different formats to play nice with each other.


Vincent (Right foreground)

That New Site Smell

Can you smell it?
I’m glad you found me here at my new website home.  I’ll be doing lots and lots of updates to this site so keep checkin’ back for new fun things, as this site is currently a crying newborn baby.

Make sure to check out the About page to learn more about me what I do.


Vincent (center in hat)