Snow Fireworks

Fresh snow from the first legit snowfall in Milwaukee this winter. With some unexpected fireworks.

From O’Donnell Park on the lakefront, with the cold blue Gaslight in the background.

Fresh Snow on O'Donnell Park

Fireworks over Harbor House and Lake Michigan.

Snow Fireworks Over Harbor House

Virgin snow art.

Snow Painting
Fresh Snow with Downtown Lights
Snow Painting 2
Bricks Fighting through Snow
Snow Fireworks from O'Donnell Park

Volley Vibes

Red, white, and blue poles for a gorgeous July evening of Americana beach volleyball…
tape abuse!
aggressive tape slut
(successful) watch and pray defense
(successful) watch and pray defense
jumpserving into the setting light
jumpserving into the light

World’s largest outdoor volleyball tournament…
Playing the Waupaca Boatride grass triples on Brighton Acres in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

late start to the day due to thunderstorms the night before (it is “thunderstorm weekend” after all)…
(late) start of the day
ready to set (photo by emily marie)
ready to set (photo by emily marie)
setting the sauce (photo by emily marie)
setting joe (photo by emily marie)
ain’t no party, like a truck party (to watch the finals)
ain't no party, like a truck party
why so serious (because i deleted all the funny ones)
joe “staring down” his brother james as we watch the finals
why so serious (because i deleted all the funny ones)
arm just long enough for 3-person selfie
arm just long enough for 3-person selfie
a sea of sweat
a sea of sweat
finals southpaw spike
finals serve
finals serve
double drama
double drama

Strawberry Moon and Summerfest Fireworks

Strawberry Moon rising above Lake Michigan harbor
Strawberry Moon Above Harbor
Strawberry Moon and Sailbotas

Passing Milwaukee Art Museum Harobr while heading to watch fireworks “next door” at Lakeshore State Park…
MAM Harobr Boating

Crossing the bridge to Lakeshore State Park, to watch the fireworks right by their launch…
Rollerbladers duck out of frame while crossing a bridge to watch Summerfest’s opening night fireworks.

Illuminated bridge and downtown skyline at Lakeshore State Park before fireworks…
Illuminated Bridge

[plainclothes] cop vs. bicycle gang [cop had to repeat to everyone, including me, ‘stay behind the bird house’… he was very serious about the birdhouse border…]
Cop vs. Bicycle Gang
cop vs. fireworks finale
Cop vs. Fireworks

Fireworks! And Strawberry Moon…
Strawberry Moon and Fireworks
Bikers and Fireworks
Bikers and Fireworks 2
Strawberry Moon and Fireworks 2
Strawberry Moon and Fireworks 3

looks like a warzone after the fireworks
Strawberry Moon Over Finished Fireworks Crowd

Couple watches Summerfest concert from afar…
Couple Watches Concert from Afar

Looooooong night…
Long Night

couple in field with hilariously bright light aimed at them
Couple in Field

‘wuh. how did you cross without my help???’
Summerfest Bus