New “Milwaukee Blues” Photo

Snowy Cass Median V's
Above is a new photo for my “Milwaukee Blues” Photo Series.

The image is an HDR black-and-white split-toned image of a median I’ve shot before, but now with blue snow instead of sky. It’s a night scene in the heart of downtown Milwaukee, WI. The bench shadows and bird statues are both in V formation, giving the photo its title, “Snowy Cass Median V’s.”

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Summer photo of same place for “Milwaukee Blues” series below:
Birds of Knowledge of Good and Evil

Bulb/HDR Photo

My first Bulb/HDR photo.

ISO and aperture fixed at 100 and 3.5. Shutter at 6s, 20s, and 90s. Post in Photomatix Pro and Photoshop.

That streaky thingy is a plane from the 6s photo. Taken on the Milwaukee lakefront on a beautiful March night.