Sunset at White Fence Farm

Shot on a beeeee-autiful November sunset (I think it was about 72F that evening) at White Fence Farm, a restaurant and petting zoo in Chicagoland. Made this video for Buckley Fence.

Photos from the shoot:
White Fence Farm (Black Mesh on 4-Rail White)

Video – The World’s Finest Horse Fence

I created this video for Buckley Fence, my Dad’s company that is creating horse fencing in a way never done before. This minute-long video shows off many installs and gives you an overview of what Buckley Fence is all about.

I shot the video and photos over the last few years, and wrote the narration specifically for this video.

Also recently designed a large (~80″x40″) laser-cut gate-entrance sign for a large horse ranch. Will post photos of that when it has been assembled.

Horse Capital Digest Ad

Buckley Fence ad I created in the February 26 Horse Capital Digest issue (ad is on page 19).

Read the digital issue here:

Ad I created:
PROOF - 300dpi BW Buckley Fence Magazine Ad copy

Recent Creations

Below are some of the random recent works I’ve done (for fun and work).

Quick shot I took of Nick after a writing session together at his place.
Nick Sommer

Sunrise in downtown Milwaukee.
Miller Brewing Company Pavillion

I listened to Patrice O’neal’s stand-up special ‘Elephant in the Room’ and couldn’t get this image he described out of my head.

A slamon dipped-in-honey can cheerfully walk into the office where they work with grizzly bears, since the bears will get fired if they do anything to the honey-salmon.
Grizzle and Honey Salmon

Rough digital sketch of a horse running through snow.
Dutch warmblood stallion kicks up snow as he gallops.

Holiday card for horse fence company Buckley Fence.
web bf holiday card 2015