Color on the Lakefront

A beautiful Fall day with colors out in full force on Lake Michigan.

Brady Street Bridge over Lincoln Memorial Drive.
Brady Street Bridge
Yellow on Yellow
Yellow on Yellow
Even the Chairs change color for Fall
Even the Chairs change color for Fall
Color Run
Color Run
Sun Over Fall Cafe
It was (almost) all yellow
Flying Butter
Flying Butter
Runners along the Lagoon. Me walking along the median.
Lincoln Memorial Drive

Bonus photo!–
Fiserv Forum outdoor bars and theater next to the Milwaukee Buck’s new arena. Using the steel column to protect myself from any male deers.
Fiserv Forum

Lakefront Fireworks Video

Montage of the Big Bang fireworks show on July 3, 2015 shot from Veteran’s Park on Milwaukee’s lakefront.

This was after a long day of playing grass volleyball and drinking with friends at Veteran’s Park. A great Milwaukee summer day and night.

Shot on 5D3 ML RAW, colored & edited with DaVinci Resolve, edited with FCPX.

See stills from the day and fireworks show here:
Big Bang Fireworks 2015

Gomez Bobblehead Day Photos

Below are photos I took at Miller Park during Carlos Gomez Bobblehead Day (April 27, 2014 — his jersey is #27, see what they did there?).
Sat in section 328. Braun and Segura were on timeout for dugout shenanigans I believe. Brewers lost the game 4-0 to the Cubbies, but it was a great time.

So I knew I wanted to get a shot with the banner M lined up over the Miller Park M and the lightpole over the I (super genius, I know), but it was tough to sneak in for a shot without getting run over.

So I didn’t line the shot up as perfect as I wanted. And the guy in the lower right kept gawking at me like a crazy person.

But I feel like I won that battle when I put my sig over him.


This is me cautiously leaning over the railing like a sissy.

This cup isn’t ironic at all.

Oh, so the Cubs think they can play small ball and beat us?
Well, apparently they can.

Bobblehead Gomez with some great defense.

Shot of the park from my seat. Over 45,000 in attendance for the Sunday day game.

Everyone loves the Klements races! And this time it was a relay!

Another super-genius idea I had: get Gomez Bobblehead in foreground while he’s at bat.

See all the photos from Gomez Bobblehead Day in the flickr set here.