Manly Man Golf with Josh

Finally went to the range for the first time this summer with my friend Josh. Though quickly turned into ice cream, beer, betting, and putt putt.

Josh launching drives.

Standard Josh face. Eating ice cream for putt putt warm-up.
Standard Josh Face - Not a Brain Freeze
Josh getting shafted…
Josh Getting Shafted
Sunsetting on the course and summer :/
Sun Over Mini Golf
Making it literally rain.
Hole 18…
Deciding 18th
Josh pushing our betting to hole 19… which he may have won :/
Josh Sinks to Push Over-Time

And a couple days before, I played Night Disc Golf with Josh (apparently had to play all forms of golf this week). Afterwards did some long exposure shots of Josh driving with an LED on the disc.
Night Disc Golf
Moon Over Night Disc Golf
Trying to do alllll of the activities before summer runs out!