Recent Work! Photos, videos, and more!

My Dad, Jim Buckley, is an inventor/entrepreneur and needed new headshots for his work. These were taken outside of his office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Jim Buckley Horizontal Headshot
Jim Buckley Regal Vertical Headshot

One of the companies my Dad runs is Buckley Fence, LLC. Below are shots I took for the company during a new installation in Burlington, Wisconsin. Love the fall colors. View all the pictures in the gallery.

Don’t worry, I didn’t come within 3-yards of this shovel:

Beautiful new fence and barn:

Fence caps waiting to be secured in front of a beautiful wall of gold leaves:

I’ve also recently shot interviews at Milwaukee Career College. This was the second time I’ve shot there with ParadigMedia. To see some of the interviews from the first shoot, please click here (I was director of photography and recorded the audio, ParadigMedia produced and edited the videos).

Here is a new vertical print ad for my work:
Vincent Buckley Vertical Ad

Pumpkin Farm Photos

Below are some of the photos I took at Jim’s Pumpkin Farm in Germantown, Wisconsin on October 21, 2012, ¬†and final shots of the carved pumpkins. Visit the Flickr Set to see all the photos.
Werewolf Pumpkin
Pedal Cars
Corny Lane
Quick Sand
Pumpkin Light