Sunset on Milwaukee’s Skyline

A perfect summer day at Lakeshore State Park on Lake Michigan. Watching the sun set on Milwaukee’s growing skyline.

Day to Night Timelapse

Shadowplay down the pier…
Pier to Skyline
Lakeshore State Park

Think this would make for awesome triptych wall art…
Day – to – Sunset – to – Twilight
Gorgeous Day and Milwaukee's Skyline
Sunset On Milwaukee's Skyline
Twilight on Milwaukee's Skyline

Volley Vibes

Red, white, and blue poles for a gorgeous July evening of Americana beach volleyball…
tape abuse!
aggressive tape slut
(successful) watch and pray defense
(successful) watch and pray defense
jumpserving into the setting light
jumpserving into the light

World’s largest outdoor volleyball tournament…
Playing the Waupaca Boatride grass triples on Brighton Acres in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

late start to the day due to thunderstorms the night before (it is “thunderstorm weekend” after all)…
(late) start of the day
ready to set (photo by emily marie)
ready to set (photo by emily marie)
setting the sauce (photo by emily marie)
setting joe (photo by emily marie)
ain’t no party, like a truck party (to watch the finals)
ain't no party, like a truck party
why so serious (because i deleted all the funny ones)
joe “staring down” his brother james as we watch the finals
why so serious (because i deleted all the funny ones)
arm just long enough for 3-person selfie
arm just long enough for 3-person selfie
a sea of sweat
a sea of sweat
finals southpaw spike
finals serve
finals serve
double drama
double drama

Hot Summer Night – Photographs

On a hot summer night this Sunday, I visited beautiful Grant Park for the first time in years. Photos are from Grant Park’s Seven Bridges, hidden beach, golf course, and more. Don’t leave summer!

Scared all the Sunday golfers away for a moment…
Sunset Golf Hole

Crossing… Lake Michigan in the background with a stream running into the park in the foreground.

I want to make this my summer cottage…
Sunset Golf Shack

Eerie and beautiful…
Covered Bridge

Trying to hold camera steady as mosquitoes maul me…
Beach Bridge

Beautiful ‘hidden’ beach…

Crawling through the spiderwebs…

Splash of color… and mosquitoes…

My stairs can beat-up your stairs.
Serious Stairs

Yeah. It’s was a little humid.

Exit Bridge

Beautiful bending branch over Lake Michigan.
Bending Branch

Thanks for reading! ~VB