Video – The World’s Finest Horse Fence

I created this video for Buckley Fence, my Dad’s company that is creating horse fencing in a way never done before. This minute-long video shows off many installs and gives you an overview of what Buckley Fence is all about.

I shot the video and photos over the last few years, and wrote the narration specifically for this video.

Also recently designed a large (~80″x40″) laser-cut gate-entrance sign for a large horse ranch. Will post photos of that when it has been assembled.

Buckley Fence at UGA College of Veterinary Medicine

My Dad/Buckley Fence founder Jim Buckley was briefly at a new install of our 4-rail black Steel Board at the new UGA College of Veterinary Medicine teaching hospital.

My Dad shot the impromptu photos and video on his phone, but I was still able to make them come alive with coloring, retouching, and cropping. Giving you a great feel for this amazing new facility opening this Wednesday, March 25 in Athens, Georgia, USA.

Happy Holidays!

Here’s a holiday ecard I made for Buckley Fence. Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and had a great year!

I took the photos at a Buckley Fence install in Illinois. Super nice and welcoming owners. (See photos from shoot here.)

On the left their horses are rolling on their backs for relief after having saddles on them for a training session. On the right is my Dad petting a horse while inserting lock-spacers (keep the rails in place) into fence posts.
Happy Holidays Buckley Fence