April Showers

Sunday Funday/Snowday on… April 15
East Town, Milwaukee


Red, snow, and blue…
Red, Snow, and Blue

Cooling Coals
Cooling Coals

Black and White… and White
Black and White... and White

Plant Struggling to Spring
Plant Struggling to Spring

Summer Solstice Full Moon

The Summer Solstice brought a full moon this year.
Before shooting the above video I took a couple shots at the end of the year’s longest day.

Shooting the moon over the War Memorial on Milwaukee’s lakefront.
Solstice Full Moon Over War Memorial
Shooting Solstice Moon Timelapse
Summer Solstice Full Moon

70 and HAIL – video

While shooting timelapses at Veteran’s Park, weather quickly went from sunny and summer-esque to brief decent-sized hail and back to sunny again.

The hail turned vicious quickly and I wasn’t sure how much worse it was going to get, I was pretty worried for about 15 seconds there.

Later that day a thunderstorm loomed over downtown in the distance. Oddly close considering we didn’t get any rain or danger from them.

Music by Lyvo

Juneau Photos – Night Walk

Walkin’ around on a beautiful night in Milwaukee and took a few pictures of stuff near and in Juneau Park. Juneau Park overlooks Lake Michigan and Veteran’s Park from atop the hill going up to it.

Images shot on my Canon 5Dmkiii and processed in Lightroom (the first also minor touch-up in Photoshop).

I was going to conquer this tower, but that statue beat me to it.

Lights. Camera. Still image.

This ladder is yellow IRL.

These look safe.