Golden Kilbourn

Sunset on Kilbourn in downtown Milwaukee on a clear, hot summer evening.

Cathedral Square piano-crosswalk
Pia- Pia- Piano

Controversial New-Streetcar tracks making a Golden Cross
Golden Cross
Sunset Left
Bird into Sunset
Downtown Sunset
Golden Downtown

Big Brother
Big Brother
Golden Church

Construction season
Construction Season
Sunset on Streetcar Tracks

Spring Sunset in Downtown Milwaukee

During one of our first spring-like April days in Milwaukee, I ventured to the lakefront for a few minutes during sunset. Took some stills with my 5dmk3 and processed them in Lightroom.

Downtown Milwaukee. Plus excellent use of foreground. Also, clouds.

Not sure what this plant is. But it’s backlit.

Not sure the official term on the “leaves” here, so I called them “Whisps.”

Downtown Milwaukee. Plus trees that haven’t decided it’s spring yet.

New “Milwaukee Blues” Photo

Snowy Cass Median V's
Above is a new photo for my “Milwaukee Blues” Photo Series.

The image is an HDR black-and-white split-toned image of a median I’ve shot before, but now with blue snow instead of sky. It’s a night scene in the heart of downtown Milwaukee, WI. The bench shadows and bird statues are both in V formation, giving the photo its title, “Snowy Cass Median V’s.”

Purchase a high-quality print:

Summer photo of same place for “Milwaukee Blues” series below:
Birds of Knowledge of Good and Evil