Icy Milwaukee Skyline

Snowy and cold Lakeshore State Park on Lake Michigan.
Danger! Milwaukee’s skyline on a freezing day:

DO NOT ENTER - Milwaukee Skyline at Lakeshore State Park

Sculpture Park and Northwestern Mutual

Sculpture Park and Northwestern Mutual

Sun spokes + bridge spokes

Sun Over Lakeshore State Park Bridge

Snowy Lakeshore State Park and US Bank building

Snowy Lakeshore State Park

McKinley Marina 80F October

McKinley Marina on Lake Michigan on a beautiful 80F day in October.

Kind of crazy all that you can see in the distance:
1. #Hoan bridge ΒΌ in from the left
2. #AllenBradleyClockTower in the middle
3. #MilwaukeeArtMuseum 2/3 in from the left
4. Downtown skyline on the right
Skyline Behind McKinley Marina at Sunset

Cafe on the lakefront with colorful fall leaves
Fall at Lakefront Cafe

Shimmering Fall Water
McKinley Marina Pier