What’s Goin’ Down

Sup, yo?

My friend and fellow filmmaker Justin Lothrop just left to move to Los Angeles. I wish him the best of luck out there.

I recently did some updates to the Director section of the site, and some smaller things elsewhere.

I just finished my first spec tv pilot, a dramedy/music show that’s a cross of “Glee” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. The short film script “My Asshole Friend is a Singer” became the first 7 pages of the pilot. Rarely am I able to write as fast as I was on the pilot and the short film. I’ll be polishing up the pilot, then start to send out some queries.

In the mean time, I’ll be pouting that there aren’t new shows of “Sunny” on each week.


My Asshole Friend is a Singer

I am currently working on a feature screenplay, though recently wrote a short drama/comedy called “My Asshole Friend is a Singer.”  This is the most recent completed piece of screenwriting I’ve done.

It was inspired by a title I randomly vomited-out of my mouth while drinking with my friends actor/singer Scotty Dickert (who is a very nice fellow!) and filmmaker Justin Lothrop.  A week later I mashed my head on the keyboard for a few hours, and viola!

Then for some unknown reason I threw together a logo for the movie while I should have been working on a gazillion other things.


Read “My Asshole Friend is a Singer” (Updated — May 1, 2011 draft)