Icy Milwaukee Skyline

Snowy and cold Lakeshore State Park on Lake Michigan.
Danger! Milwaukee’s skyline on a freezing day:

DO NOT ENTER - Milwaukee Skyline at Lakeshore State Park

Sculpture Park and Northwestern Mutual

Sculpture Park and Northwestern Mutual

Sun spokes + bridge spokes

Sun Over Lakeshore State Park Bridge

Snowy Lakeshore State Park and US Bank building

Snowy Lakeshore State Park

Sunset on Milwaukee’s Skyline

A perfect summer day at Lakeshore State Park on Lake Michigan. Watching the sun set on Milwaukee’s growing skyline.

Day to Night Timelapse

Shadowplay down the pier…
Pier to Skyline
Lakeshore State Park

Think this would make for awesome triptych wall art…
Day – to – Sunset – to – Twilight
Gorgeous Day and Milwaukee's Skyline
Sunset On Milwaukee's Skyline
Twilight on Milwaukee's Skyline

New Northwestern Mutual Building

New Northwestern Mutual building reflecting construction of another of their new buildings. Downtown Milwaukee.
2 Buildings, 1 Photo

Public lobby in the new Northwestern Mutual building.


Here is the Northwestern Mutual building during this winter.
Snowfall and the Northwestern Mutual Building

It’s the tallest appearing buliding in the below photo, though the US Bank building (just to the left of it) is actually taller.
Banks and Snowy Banks