“Thrash or Die” Concept Stills with Nick Sommer

Our goal was to shoot during blue hour/moon set of the Super Full Perigee Moon to try to get a real-life version of a 90’s large/low comic-book-style moon. But because half the sky was filled with clouds, the moon was blocked. So I shot at the sunset, which brought out even more beautiful and vibrant colors than other sunsets.

The shoot was for some concept stills of a project skater/actor/filmmaker Nick Sommer and I are looking at doing possibly.
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Nick Sommer Thrash or Die #2
Nick Sommer Thrash or Die
Nick Sommer Thrash or Die #3

Photography in MicroShiner’s Latest Issue

The wonderful craft-spirit publication’s second quarterly issue is free to read on Issuu (embedded below). You can check out my photos on pages 5/6, 23/24, and the last interior pages – 97/98. I also had photos in their debut issue (also free on Issuu).

Today and yesterday I am helping set up for the Badger Regional Volleyball tournaments in Milwaukee, WI. Below you can see a documentary I directed at last year’s tourney, following a girls 18s team on their attempt to become Badger Region Champions, and tournament director Terry Paulson as he rushes to prepare the tournament and keep everything together.

Snow Photos

New photos of a rare snowfall in mid-February 2012 during an unseasonably warm Milwaukee winter.

View the full Snow Photobucket Album. Or click the thumbnails below to view larger. And if you prefer warm weather- here are some recent Florida beach photos.

Also have a bunch of exciting new projects coming out soon and in production. Plus putting together a new dp/editor reel with a ton of new stuff, will be updating my director reel, and have a new animatic for my film/video work (which I’ll post soon)!

Caution: Swervey Snake Road 3Snowfall with Streetlight at Night 5Up Bridge
Up Snake Road at NightfallDown StairsLincoln Memorial Drive February SunsetWinter Creek
Bridge with Fallen Tree 2We Are SocietyUnder the Bridge 2