Axe Murdering the Shining Sisters

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!
Below are photos I took of my friends before going out for Halloween.

Sisters Danielle and Tia dressed up as the Grady Girls from The Shining.
The top photo would take place while their Dad axe-murders them. In the film, you see the before and after of their deaths during the big-wheel steadicam shots of Danny Torrance riding around the hotel’s hallways.

Wisconsin State Fair Photos

I went to the last Saturday of the Fair this August, and brought along my camera to take some Wisconsin State Fair Photos. Even onto the rides. I broke my 5D3 to the lightest form I could, which included just using the light “plastic fantastic” Canon 50mm f/1.8.

After taking the above photo, the guy with his thumbs up (lower left), who I didn’t know, asked if I got him in the shot.

When I took the photo I didn’t realize he had his thumb up, but when I quickly reviewed it, my eye was immediately drawn to him.

He took a look at the photo and declared that it’s going to go viral.

I won’t be angry if he’s right 😛

The above photo is from one of the barns, at a coloring station for kids. I immediately thought this was hilarious.

The part that really gets me is that whoever colored this colored in one of the adults jeans, and then was like “screw this,” scribbling out the parents and sibling.


So this ride called “Skyflyer” was like a standard swing-ride on steroids.

It definitely didn’t seem super safe, and we actually had to come back down after initial lift-off as someone was panicking.

But it certainly was exhilarating and got some great views of the fair.


And some more fun at the Fair…

The Wisconsin State Fair was already more than 2 weeks ago, and it sure makes you realize how fast summer is flying by. Was a great time and makes me wish I could make those moments last forever.

Pumpkin Farm Photos

Below are some of the photos I took at Jim’s Pumpkin Farm in Germantown, Wisconsin on October 21, 2012,  and final shots of the carved pumpkins. Visit the Flickr Set to see all the photos.
Werewolf Pumpkin
Pedal Cars
Corny Lane
Quick Sand
Pumpkin Light