Spring Sunday – Bucks Game 4

A beautiful spring Saturday during Bucks game 4 in Milwaukee.

Nick at Harp Sunset
On Harp’s patio after the game. Ran into Nick and his beard.

Bradley Center - Bucks Playoff
Bucks pre-game ‘block party.’ Bradley Center mid-ground and the new Bucks arena going up in the background.

Bradley Center Cop
Cop crossing people by the Bradley Center just before tip-off.

Jazz in the Park

Second-to-last Jazz in the Park at Cathedral Square in downtown Milwaukee. Beautiful, hot summer night and great turn-out.

He’s the only one facing the correct way. 😛
Jazz in the Park

Strike a pose.
Photo Op

Jazz in the Park II

Boat or Die – Portraits on Milwaukee Water

Boat Portrait Party Boy

Below are on-boat portraits I took while boating with my friend Party Boy and his family during a beautiful June day in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Party Boy’s Natural Habitat

Daughter and Mother

Nephew Steers, Uncle Leads

Framed Sky

Kids Leave Cabin
Zach has me more than a little scared here.

Hailey Shoots Me
My right hand was on my camera while Party Boy’s young niece took this photo. Obviously I had to then do something especially cool with my left arm.

Party Boy Steers
That’s MIAD (Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design) in the background. MIAD definitely has some great locations in Milwaukee’s 3rd Ward, including this one.

Zach Leaves Cabin

Zach Takes Aim

Hailey Portraits!
Happy Hailey

Hailey and My Knee
Franklin, the lovable inflatable, makes a blurry green cameo.

Overall, a great day and night!

Milwaukee Spring Night Photos

Emily Fire La Perla

I took some photos during a Milwaukee Spring evening out. Locations include La Perla (Mexican Restaurant), Lake Shore Park, and Downtown.

I just brought out a light/small/inexpensive lens, “the nifty fifty,” Canon’s EF 50mm f/1.8 lens on my Canon 5Dmk3. Photos were processed in Lightroom and about a third also had some work done in Photoshop as well. To see all 17 photos in the gallery click here.

Milwaukee Spring Night Photos AT LA PERLA FOR DINNER AND DRINKS:
Genius direction, “Um, look at the fire.” On La Perla’s patio.

🙂 Also on the patio.

Awww, I think they like each other. On the other side of the room, a guy was humping a girl on the motorized kid ride.

I had some sweet red-light timing on this.

Milwaukee Art Museum seen through the Lake Shore bridge. This is genius because they both have pokey things.

The girls consider jumping off the Lake Shore Bridge.

I also call this picture “Art Sauce,” but the lighting was at least done in camera. Makes me feel a little better.

A relaxing night.

Lake Shore… Marina? Whatever you call that protected water area.
Also, genius compositing by me.

These sissy ducks were totally scared of me and my evil camera.

If you could turn the camera to your left a little, you would see some mischevious kids.

This is where I park my imaginary boat.

DOWNTOWN at golden-hour before going to dinner:
The museum and the plant are competing to see who can spread their wings better. It’s a close call.

People love to hate this sculpture. But see how much fun it is?