Waupaca Boatride Photos

I played in the Waupaca Boatride Volleyball tournament in mid-July. It’s one of the biggest volleyball events, and is held annually in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. I took the below photos after playing sand doubles and Friday and before playing grass triples on Saturday.

Sand finals for Mens Open at Brighton Acres:

Thunder-moon over our campsite:

Fireworks Photos

Took some fireworks photos of Festa Italiana’s display during the last night of the fest July 2014. Taken from the water just outside of the Lake Shore Park launch area, downtown Milwaukee on LakeMichigan. As well as of the Big Bang from near the War Memorial and Milwaukee Art Museum.

Festa Photos:
The people on the boat in front of us seemed to have a great and romantic time:


The boat-cops scoping us out before the fireworks (we did get yelled at for being too close earlier):

Finale #2:

Lovers and Colors:

Fireworks Over Downtown Milwaukee:



White! 😛 :

Aaaaand some shots from the Big Bang (which was rescheduled twice due to fog):

Popcorn Truck!:


AVP Milwaukee

Milwaukee really comes alive in the summer. Below are photos taken when the AVP (domestic pro beach volleyball tour) stopped at Bradford Beach in Milwaukee July 4 weekend. With John Hyden/Tri Bourne and Kerri Walsh Jennings/April Ross being the champions. See all the photos here.

Tri Bourne (left) and John Hyden (right) celebrate after bringing the finals to championship-point:

Lauren Fendrick Hugs Brooke Sweat after an error as most onlookers watch gold-medalist Kerri Walsh in the 3-set finals:

Kerri Walsh celebrates her first AVP Milwaukee championship:

John Hyden Celebrates AVP Milwaukee championship with 25 year-old partner and first-time AVP champion Tri Bourne:

Walsh/Ross often had a hard time handling Sweat’s serves in the finals:

Fendrick shows off her athleticism as well with this bump-set:

All eyes on the ball, during this close point in the finals (I can’t remember if it was in or out):

Bourne rolls the ball around Dalhausser’s large block in the finals:

Hyden hits line as Sean Rosenthal gets ready for the dig during the finals:

Dalhausser about to rip a jumpserve:

OpenX Photo Shoot

I recently did a photo shoot for Forbes #7 upcoming corporation, OpenX, who handle online advertising. Journal Communications (which includes the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) uses OpenX software. OpenX wanted a candid shoot of the Journal Communications employees in action.

Below are some of my favorites from the shoot, and you can see 16 of my favorites in the Flickr Gallery.
Entrance to the Journal Communications building:
Looking Up Entrance
3 Journal workers, who were all easy-going and had a great sense of humor, pretend to work, while Amy from OpenX’s Pasadena location is in the foreground:
Exciting Discussion
I think this image can apply to a lot of different situations. But he’s just setting a projector:
CU Reaching Up
Journal employee in their lobby, that they in actuality like never go to, as it’s really just for guests. The window-light really brought out her beautiful sky-blue eyes:
CU Woman Listening in Lobby
Pretty cool looking lobby. These guys are also pretty funny:
Wide Discussion in Lobby
They think just ’cause they’re walking away from me that I’ll stop taking photos. I’ll show them!:
Walking Away
Happy Discussion in Lobby
If you weren’t sure where we were, this photo is for you 🙂 :
Walking Towards Sign