McKinley Beach

Super windy and gorgeous day, which always make the flags look great.
McKinley American Flag
Excellent way to end a lakefront trip! This is a frame grab from the above video.
Sweating Summer Icee

Kite Fest!

29th Annual Maggiano’s Family Kite Festival at Veteran’s Park.
Timelapses are from Saturday May 28, rest of video shot on Sunday May 29. We had a gorgeous Memorial Day weekend in Milwaukee!

Stills from Sunday:
Kite Fest
Statue during Kite Fest
MAM bw
MAM from Courtyard

Boat Skateboard Jump

Testing a skateboard trick off a moving boat for the in progress film project “Thrash or Die.” Stuntman is skater/actor/writer Nick Sommer doing the boat skateboard jump onto the pier. The shots are from the Milwaukee River in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Nick having a good time on our way to the test site:

Pulling up to the test site:

I call this masterpiece, “Party Foul.” Note the wasted beer in the bottom frame.
Nick landed this 3 or 4 times in a row while the boat was tied up, but this makes me giggle, so had to post it.
There’s also a wedding party taking pictures of us and them and cheering Nick on right next to us, just off-cam:

After landing with the boat tied up, we finally did it they way I wanted 😛 with the boat moving!
Nick lands it like a beast after a couple tries. No beer spill either: