Moon Over Milwaukee

Some long-exposure photography last night while a bright, full-ish moon was out.

Shot a few minutes before getting yelled at (scolded might be more accurate…) by a park worker for the park being closed.
Moon Over Veterans Park

The light-streaks in the bottom right are boats.
Moon Over Juneau Statue

Wasn’t scared at all. Knew my camera would defend my honor if need be.
Creepy Trail

Summer Solstice Full Moon

The Summer Solstice brought a full moon this year.
Before shooting the above video I took a couple shots at the end of the year’s longest day.

Shooting the moon over the War Memorial on Milwaukee’s lakefront.
Solstice Full Moon Over War Memorial
Shooting Solstice Moon Timelapse
Summer Solstice Full Moon

70 and HAIL – video

While shooting timelapses at Veteran’s Park, weather quickly went from sunny and summer-esque to brief decent-sized hail and back to sunny again.

The hail turned vicious quickly and I wasn’t sure how much worse it was going to get, I was pretty worried for about 15 seconds there.

Later that day a thunderstorm loomed over downtown in the distance. Oddly close considering we didn’t get any rain or danger from them.

Music by Lyvo

Fireworks Photos

Took some fireworks photos of Festa Italiana’s display during the last night of the fest July 2014. Taken from the water just outside of the Lake Shore Park launch area, downtown Milwaukee on LakeMichigan. As well as of the Big Bang from near the War Memorial and Milwaukee Art Museum.

Festa Photos:
The people on the boat in front of us seemed to have a great and romantic time:


The boat-cops scoping us out before the fireworks (we did get yelled at for being too close earlier):

Finale #2:

Lovers and Colors:

Fireworks Over Downtown Milwaukee:



White! 😛 :

Aaaaand some shots from the Big Bang (which was rescheduled twice due to fog):

Popcorn Truck!: