Winter Wonderland Walk

Strong snow in downtown Milwaukee, making for a beautiful Winter Wonderland Walk.

Snow Assault!
Hotel Metro and girls walking down a snowy Milwaukee Street.
Snowing on Milwaukee Street
Snowing on Kilbourn
Checking for Yellow Snow…
Checking for Yellow Snow
Combining Construction Season and Winter…
Combining Construction Season and Winter
Found my friend’s long lost bike…
Snow Bike
Riverside / Riverwalk
At Rock Bottom on the Milwaukee River
Frozen Rock Bottom Patio
Frozen Rock Bottom
Frozen River
Arches making my walk feel epic…
Snowy Arches
Slice of Ice at Red Arrow Park
Ice Skaters at Red Arrow Park
Even the bird statues are migrating for winter
Winter Migration
Snowy Tree
Awesome bendy-branch at Cathedral Square
Snowing on Cathedral Square
Cathedral Square in Snow
Road Closed Ahead
East Town Directions
Snowing on East Town
Frozen River Walk
Frozen Riverfront
Frozen Patio
Water St. + Wisconsin Ave.
Water St. + Wisconsin Ave.
Couple walking down Wisconsin Ave
Snow Walk
Fancy ceiling
Fancy Ceiling
Frozen Milwaukee Riverfront
Outdoor Bridge vs. Indoor Bridge
Outdoor Bridge vs. Indoor Bridge
Still no yellow snow spotted…
Snow Covered Fire Hydrant
Did you forget your bricks?
Did you forget your bricks?
Looooooooming apartment complex
Looming Complex
Thanks for going on this walk with me!

Lakefront Snowfall

A windy evening as new snow started to come down in East Town Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The new Northwestern Mutual Building looming in the snow.
Snow and the Northwestern Mutual Building

Fresh snowfall at the lakefront intersection.
Snowing at Lakefront Intersection

Banks (US Bank and Northwestern Mutual Bank Buildings) and Snowy Banks.
Banks and Snowy Banks

Strong winds keeping flags at attention.
Snow and Flags

War Memorial and Milwaukee Art Museum.
Snow, War Memorial, and MAM
Snow at Milwaukee Lakefront

Snow Day

After recently having 72F weather, the weather gods reminded us it’s still technically winter.
Blizzard and StarburstBlizzard and Clock
Snowy Lakefront Bridge
No Swimming... it's snowing
Snowy Downtown Milwuakee
Snowy Bench
Snowy Bridge Stairs
Snow at McKinley Marina
Snow at McKinley Marina 2

Frozen Marina – 5D3 RAW Video and Stills

Wasn’t painfully cold out, so I stopped being a sissy and took some Marina 5d3 RAW video and stills at Mckinley Marina in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

RAW video colored in DaVinci Resolve and FCPX and edited in FCPX. Stills processed in Lightroom.

The stills shot without a hiccup, but with the camera temperature one degree Fahrenheit below what Canon says the 5D3 will function at (for a job I would have wrapped the camera in fabric to keep it warm), shooting RAW video led to a couple hiccups. Still got some great shots during the colorful sunset though.

A picture of all my imaginary boats.

In camera jail.

Walking on Frozen Water.