Boat Skateboard Jump

Testing a skateboard trick off a moving boat for the in progress film project “Thrash or Die.” Stuntman is skater/actor/writer Nick Sommer doing the boat skateboard jump onto the pier. The shots are from the Milwaukee River in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Nick having a good time on our way to the test site:

Pulling up to the test site:

I call this masterpiece, “Party Foul.” Note the wasted beer in the bottom frame.
Nick landed this 3 or 4 times in a row while the boat was tied up, but this makes me giggle, so had to post it.
There’s also a wedding party taking pictures of us and them and cheering Nick on right next to us, just off-cam:

After landing with the boat tied up, we finally did it they way I wanted 😛 with the boat moving!
Nick lands it like a beast after a couple tries. No beer spill either: