The End of the World Party (zombie-comedy short film)

I directed a fun little zombie-comedy short film called “The End of the World Party.” Starring Nick Sommer and WC Tank on a blustery Halloween day at Grant Park in South Milwaukee.
The End of the World Party

Doing ADR with actor/co-writer/costumer Nick Sommer on a beautiful fall day (recording zombie voices and re-recording a couple of Nick’s lines — 15-30mph of wind on the day we shot).
ADR Session with Nick Sommer

A short video and photos of the beautiful sunrise overlooking Lake Michigan before the shoot.

Fall Sunrise
Red Band Sunrise

Grant Park is an incredibly gorgeous park that I don’t visit enough. A visit there in late August got me thinking about shooting a film there.
Especially this photo:
Hidden Beach
Some more photos from that August trip:
Sunset Golf Hole
Covered Bridge
Beach Bridge

Photography in MicroShiner’s Latest Issue

The wonderful craft-spirit publication’s second quarterly issue is free to read on Issuu (embedded below). You can check out my photos on pages 5/6, 23/24, and the last interior pages – 97/98. I also had photos in their debut issue (also free on Issuu).

Today and yesterday I am helping set up for the Badger Regional Volleyball tournaments in Milwaukee, WI. Below you can see a documentary I directed at last year’s tourney, following a girls 18s team on their attempt to become Badger Region Champions, and tournament director Terry Paulson as he rushes to prepare the tournament and keep everything together.