Bulb/HDR Photo

My first Bulb/HDR photo.

ISO and aperture fixed at 100 and 3.5. Shutter at 6s, 20s, and 90s. Post in Photomatix Pro and Photoshop.

That streaky thingy is a plane from the 6s photo. Taken on the Milwaukee lakefront on a beautiful March night.

Potowatomi Stills

Stills I took recently for someone doing a report on the Potowatomi tribe in Wisconsin, USA.
See all the stills in their Photobucket Album.

Potowatomi Executive Building:

Potowatomi Indian Statue:












Potowatomi Library/Museum/Other Stuff Ext.:

Potowatomi Library Int.:

Kinto Sol’s Skribe Stills

Been busy with tons of different things, unfortunately not always able to share them here. But I do hope to have more consistent updates in the future. Below are some quick run-and-gun stills I took of Kinto Sol’s MC Skribe, a Milwaukee-based group that have won Billboard’s Latin album of the year.
See all the stills here: Photobucket Album