Space Comedies

So I just read the pilot script for ‘Boldly Going Nowhere,’ the now shelved series by the ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ gang. The pilot script was solid, so I’m surprised they shelved it, though also surprised it was supposedly gonna be on Fox since it’s about as ‘edgy’ (for lack of a better word) as ‘Sunny’.

This reminded me of comic strips I created years back (well, almost 7 —yikes!— years ago) called ‘Bakk and Frank’ (originally I only spelled ‘Bakk’ with one ‘K’).  So it made me look back on it, and since I’m such a big fan of myself, this particular strip brought a grin to my face and almost a chuckle.

I figure the shelving of one space comedy is good motivation to soon revisit the feature screenplay of ‘Bakk and Frank’. Its logline goes: Twenty years after an alien general’s twin brother was stranded on Earth as a baby, he must reunite with his now fun-loving Americanized brother, to bring a powerful ruby back to save their species.
I’d like to do it as a kind of Muppet-style sci-fi/comedy one day. And here’s a redesign of the characters I later did:

Read more “Bakk and Frank” on my devaintart account.