Project X Party Documentary Teaser

Teaser trailer from Friday night’s shoot at Apartment 720 for Promo MKE.
Promo MKE presents Project X Party Documentary. Shot at Apt 720. Visit Promo MKE on fb and twitter for the best in Milwaukee nightlife and entertainment.
Directed, Photographed, and Edited by Vincent Buckley
Produced by Jon Boles
Hosted by Andrea LaPinske
Production Asst. Emanuel Molina
Special Thanks Apt 720, Eden Kaminski, Kyle Buckley

Brookfield Longevity Video

Video I made For Brookfield Longevity. Dr. Whitcomb was very comfortable in front of the camera, and later learned it came from being head of ER for 15 years and every time a video crew came to the hospital they interviewed him.

He also had a solid theory on why I became diabetic at 20, which all the doctors, endocronologist, and dieticians didn’t even have a guess for. Appartently vitamin D as an infant is needed to properly develop autoimmune systems (type 1 diabetes comes from your immune system attacking and killing your pancreas) – being born in Wisconsin this also makes sense, not to mention I also have hayfever (allergies that led me to believe that there was a connection to that and becoming diabetic when I did, though my doctors at the time dismissed it).

Maybe that’s why I play a lot of outdoor volleyball (making up for lost time in the sun)! Crazy what you’ll learn when least expecting it.

I also have an exciting short documentary for Badger Region Volleyball I directed that is in post as well as some other beautiful stills and video coming soon for Buckley Fence featuring Icelandic horses. See previous post for a beautiful HDR still from this shoot.